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Valley Community Development Corporation (Valley CDC) seeks an enthusiastic, highly motivated and experienced Small Business Development Program Coordinator.  The Program Coordinator will initially work up to 20 hours/week with the expectation that the program can grow and support a full-time position. Valley CDC is a community based, non-profit organization formed in 1988.  Our mission seeks to empower low and moderate income people and underserved populations manage and improve the quality of their lives. We accomplish this through the development of affordable housing, providing economic opportunities, and encouraging community leadership.  Valley CDC is a Hampshire County United Way Partner Agency and a member of the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC).

The Small Business Development Coordinator

Valley CDC is seeking an experienced Small Business Development Program Coordinator who will have the primary responsibility for the day-to-day management and implementation of the small business development program.  The Program Coordinator reports directly to the Executive Director.

Primary Responsibilities include:

  • provide leadership for Valley CDC in small business development programs, policies and initiatives
  • assist executive director with setting program direction
  • establish new programs and projects when need for new initiatives is identified
  • provide technical assistance to residents/business owners of Valley CDC’s target area requiring assistance with their businesses, either start-up or expanding
  • provide initial assessment of business needs for the client
  • assist with development of business plans and financial projections
  • analyze credit history when necessary
  • assist clients assemble loan applications/packages
  • market program
  • collaborate with other agencies on related small business programs
  • maintain relationships with private and public funding sources
  • assist executive director in identifying potential funding sources for small business development
  • assist executive director in writing grant proposals
  • oversee compliance with reporting requirements of various funding sources
  • represent Valley CDC on economic development-related boards and committees
  • implement and staff economic development committee of board of directors
  • Qualifications:
  • 3-5 years of business related management experience or small business ownership
  • program development and implementation skills in small business development
  • contract management experience
  • strong strategic thinking skills
  • fundraising experience
  • detail oriented and able to self-manage with minimal supervision
  • experience in working in collaborations with other organizations
  • work well with colleagues and community residents of various socioeconomic/cultural backgrounds
  • excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills
  • able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • computer literacy, including fluency in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • bilingual/bicultural in Spanish preferred

Salary and Benefits

 Salary range for full-time position is $42,000 – $52,000 depending on experience; salary will be prorated based on hours.  Valley CDC is expecting to hire a professional at mid-range.  Benefits include prorated vacation, personal days and sick leave; and health insurance and retirement plan.  Downtown Northampton location with free parking.

The Selection Process

Please submit a cover letter, detailing your salary requirements and your qualifications for this position, along with a resume and two writing samples to:  Joanne Campbell, Valley CDC, 30 Market Street, Northampton, MA  01060 or by July 14, 2017.  Valley CDC will continue to accept applications until the position is filled.


Valley CDC is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.  We encourage applications from candidates from diverse backgrounds and cultures.


Community Block Party!

Join us on June 18th for a free Community Block Party.

Where: Old Courthouse Lawn, corner of Main & King Sts.

When: 1-4 PM

What: Music, food from La Vera Cruzana, Hoop Joy, Arts & Crafts

Rain or shine

Affordable Condo Available in Easthampton for $138,700

Townhouse-­‐style homes built in 2006, will be sold to income-eligible first time homebuyers. Three levels of living space with 2 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, large kitchen, and spacious living room. 1,144 sq. ft. including a 1-­‐car attached garage, full basement, deck, and front porch. There is also central air and a private backyard. A great opportunity for first-­‐time homebuyers! This condo home is available on a first come, first serve bases with a completed application.

Current income limits are as follows

Household Size: 1-­‐Person 2-­‐Person 3-­‐Person 4-­‐Person
Annual Income: $44,800 $51,200 $57,600 $64,000


  • Liquid assets cannot exceed $75,000
  • Condofee is $120 per month


For an application or more information, contact:


Donna Cabana

Valley CDC

(413) 586-­‐5855 ext. 180

$50,000 Down Payment Assistance Available For Amherst!

Valley CDC would like to let our clients, friends, community partners and neighbors know about an exciting new program funded by the Town of Amherst to assist first time homebuyers to buy their first home in Amherst.


  • Schedule an appointment with the Homeownership Coordinator
  • Agree to all terms and conditions of the mortgage subsidy program
  • Have the ability to obtain a mortgage loan and pay closing costs
  • Attend a first time homebuyer workshop


Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2017.


Now is the time to meet with the Homeownership Coordinator to get ready to take advantage of this opportunity.  Qualified buyers will have the opportunity to shop for a home for a 90 day period beginning in April 2017 and enter into a purchase and sales agreement for a home or condo located in Amherst.


If you or anyone you know is thinking about buying a home, please pass along this information.  Thanks for helping us get the word out.


Income and eligibility restrictions apply.  For more information, please contact Donna Cabana, Homeownership Coordinator – 413.586.5855 x 180 or

Community Investment Tax Credit: A Big Impact for Valley CDC


In 2014, the Commonwealth rolled out the Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) Program awarding $3 million in credits to 38 participating organizations from across the Commonwealth. At Valley CDC, we raised approximately 87% of our goal that first year. In 2015, the Commonwealth doubled our award and we raised 150% more in 2015 than 2014. While this is not all new money (it includes existing donors who increased their giving level), it has made a significant impact on the work that we undertake.

We were successful in utilizing all of its 2015 credits as well as the remaining 2014 credits, raising a total of $213,672.

Increasing capacity is vital to ensuring that underserved populations in our service area have access to all levels of homeownership assistance, small business assistance as many people seek self-employment, and affordable housing both for families and individuals, including homes for individuals/families experiencing homelessness.

The success and impact of our 2015 CITC campaign has increased our cash on hand which helps to eliminate stress on the day-to-day operation of the agency. Additionally, we were able to recruit a real estate project manager this spring, which allows us to increase our housing development capacity.

We successfully completed our 38-unit family development – Parsons Village in Easthampton – in August 2015 and all families were in their new homes by mid-October. We are now poised to get funded for the redevelopment of the Northampton Lumber Yard into 55 units of family housing in downtown Northampton.

The success of our CITC campaign has also allowed us to utilize a highly skilled consultant to bring us through a robust strategic alliance and strategic planning process that includes a commitment both to expanded community engagement activities and a real focus on diversity and inclusion. Our July 2016 board retreat focused on diversity and inclusion.

The legislature and the Commonwealth are already seeing the results that the community development field projected would come of this generous tax credit as MACDC aggregates data from the CITC participants. It is truly making an impact on the lives of low- and moderate-income people and other underserved populations in Hampshire County.

$3,000 Grant Available

If you are looking to buy a house in Northampton, we still have $3,000 Community Development Block Grants available, for use as down payment assistance. Please contact Donna Cabana at 413.586.5855 x180 or email her for an application at

Why Develop A Business Plan?

Planning Your Business #1: Why Develop a Business Plan?

business plan

Why should you develop a business plan?  While you know what you’re planning to do, writing a business plan provides you the opportunity to think and decide about how you’re going to make your business a success.  Developing three years financial projections enables you to determine that your business will generate the income you require or need.  Developing reasonable financial projections requires that you perform substantial market research to determine the level of interest in purchasing your products/services, and how much they will pay for them.




What About Credit Inquiries?

Q & A

 A Question From Our First Time Homebuyer Workshop


I want to order my credit report but I’ve heard that credit inquiries lower your credit score. Is that correct?



Whether a credit inquiry affects your credit score depends on who’s asking. Requesting information on your own credit won’t affect your credit score and in fact, it’s strongly recommended.

Here’s how it works: When a business or individual asks about your credit, it’s called an “inquiry.” Credit inquiries are either “hard” inquiries” or “soft inquiries” and there’s an important difference:

  • Hard inquiries: A hard inquiry can lower your credit score. These happen when you apply for credit from a lender or other business and you authorize them to check your credit as part of the application process. Examples are applying for a mortgage, an auto loan, or a credit card.
  • Soft inquiries. Soft inquiries do not affect your credit score. Examples are when you request your own credit report, when a landlord checks your credit for an apartment rental, and when employers check your credit as part of a hiring process. Credit card companies may also perform soft credit inquiries by checking your credit without your knowledge or authorization. If you didn’t request the credit or authorize the credit check, then the company is performing a soft inquiry.


  • Don’t apply for new credit cards, store cards, auto loans, etc. when you’re shopping for a mortgage. These are all “hard inquiries”. The impact on your credit score varies but it can add up. Even if you only lose a few points, lenders will see the inquiries on your credit report and may be concerned about your intention to increase your debt while applying for a mortgage. (If you do create significant additional debt while applying for a mortgage, the added payments may have a negative impact on your eligibility for a loan.)

The only credit you should apply for when shopping for a mortgage is the mortgage itself!

  • Do check your own credit report and correct any errors. Instructions are included in the reports. Your credit is a major factor when you apply for a mortgage, so make sure all the information about your finances is correct.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires each of the nationwide credit reporting companies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months to ensure that the information on all of your credit reports is correct and up to date.

We recommend to order your free credit reports and if you wish, your credit scores (scores require a fee).

Learn more at or visit and


Fern Selesnick, Homeownership Education Coordinator


What you need to know about the MHP One loan

house for saleQ&A


Hi Donna,

I know that the One Mortgage is a conventional loan, but what are the rules for the home inspection?  Asbestos siding, lead paint, etc.  Does the bank do the inspection or does it follow some other rules for inspecting?  I’m buying a “For Sale by Owner” but I do have a real estate sales agent and an attorney working on my behalf.





Dear Buyer,

The structural, mechanical inspection, or home inspection that you pay for covers just that; the structure and mechanics of the home.  Lead paint, asbestos, mold, radon, or water quality tests are separate inspections that you have to pay for in addition to the home inspection.  The home inspector should advise you if you need any of these or any other additional inspections based on what is seen at the property at the time of the inspection.  Inspections are recommended but not required in the home buying process or by the lender.  Its buyer beware though; once you sign at the closing it’s all yours issues and all.  This is why you have the inspection period, so you know what you are buying.  If you choose not to inspect, the real estate sales agent will have you sign a waiver, because it’s that important.  Sellers may not disclose all the information they know about the house.  Hopefully the sales agent asks for a signed “Statement of Condition of the Property”   Due to this being a “for sale by owner,” this probably is not the case because it’s the seller’s agent’s responsibility to ask for this document to be completed.  You should ask for this form to be completed prior to having your inspection.

The bank will not inspect the property.  However, they will send out an appraiser to determine the value.  The appraiser is looking at the condition of the property as to how it effects the value and looking to see that the house livable.  Government-insured loans, such as VA or FHA, go a step further and will care about chipping, peeling paint, the life of a roof, and other health and safety conditions that may be present at the property.  Sometimes these conditions effect your ability to get an FHA loan.  They will not allow chipping paint or a roof that has less than 3 years of life remaining.
Donna Cabana

Homeownership Coordinator

Guide For Homebuyers

This guide gives you advice for getting a safe, affordable mortgage.

If you’re a financial whiz, there may be other ways you can save money. But this guide emphasizes safety and affordability. You might think it’s OK to sign up for a mortgage that will not be affordable over the long term, because you can sell your home or refinance the loan before you run into trouble. But that’s a big risk. If you can’t refinance or sell when the monthly payments go up or your income goes down, you could lose your home to foreclosure. We think the best deal is a mortgage you can afford over the long term, without worrying about whether you can refinance or sell later.

There are a number of steps to getting a mortgage:

1. Decide what you can afford

2. Choosing the right loan terms and loan program

3. Shop for a loan

4. Negotiate for a better deal

5. Get ready to sign.

Continue reading here.

Get Involved

Valley CDC provides a variety of community economic development programs and services to low and moderate income residents of Northampton, Easthampton, Amherst and Hadley. To volunteer, join a committee or learn about becoming a Board member, please send us an email. Read More about “Get Involved”