Technology for Events

Technology is the name of the game for events these days. Regardless of large or small, in-house or community venue, a good event software program can “keep it all together” for you.

With events, there are so many moving parts – registrants (some who pay, others who get a discount or go for free), their payments, check-in at the event itself, badges and more.

Having the ability for your participants to sign up online minimizes the need for additional staffing, keeps track of everything moment by moment, and also supplies important data for future years. A good platform should be able to do the following:

  • Create a landing page for the event with all the information
  • Have the ability for participants to register and pay
  • Print badges
  • Market via social media
  • Send emails to preexisting lists
  • Be optimized for mobile

A good event tool will have all these in an easy to use venue. Let’s explore the one I know the most about – Constant Contact.  Yes, I know you are used to this being just an email platform, but now Constant Contact has a full palette of software which will do all of the above and use your existing email lists. It feels very easy, especially if you are already using Constant Contact. At any moment you can check the registrants, customize the data needed, run a report, and be professional about your event, even if it is small. Take a look at this tool, incorporate it into your existing systems, and let it save you time and money.

Here is a list of some other event programs that look good and have great testimonials, but I have not used them.

Whova All-in-One Event Management Software – robust, very mobile friendly

CVent – good for high end events, tends to be complex, but lots of bells and whistles

Eventbrite  – Popular, easy to use, good for smaller events


Good Luck!

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